I have written about my Squidoo Network Marketing lens before so I thought I would pass this on…

This is pretty cool. My Squidoo lens on the One Campaign was the lens of the day on March 7th.

Megan Casey:

Whether you share my fandom or not, the ONE campaign (for which Bono is a leading frontman) is a fascinating foray into online activism.

And Ty Tribble is helping. With his lens, The ONE Campaign, he is spreading awareness for the fight against poverty and is dedicating his royalties to World Vision. This may seem really incremental, and it is. On purpose. The whole point of ONE is that it encourages action, one person at a time.

Think about this: What if a non-profit sent one email to all their donors. And instead of asking for money, just gave them a link and asked each of them to build one lens. Then each lens earns one penny, one nickel, one dollar a day for the non-profit. And spreads the word as well. Suddenly, donors can help not by digging deeper, but by sharing their passion.

Along the way you go from being incremental to monumental.


Originally posted by Ty Tribble on March 8, 2006 in MLM Site.


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