Career Intensity Excerpt

David Lorenzo has posted an excerpt from Chapter One of Career Intensity: Business Strategy for Workplace Warriors and Entrepreneurs:

There are two types of heroes in this world: Those who die nobly for a cause and those who live humbly for a cause.

My father is the second kind of hero. He worked for IBM for 40 years and his career was a model of loyalty, persistence and durability.

Loyalty is an important quality that was instilled in me by my parents. In growing up, my sister and I were taught to be loyal to God, Country, and IBM — in that order. Our family relocated on a couple of occasions so that my father could improve the scope of his career opportunities within the organization. Of course, decisions were always made in the context of what was best for our family, but nary a harsh word was spoken about the company that put the food on the table for so many years.

Twenty years ago, people would have accepted the longevity of my father’s career as significant but unremarkable. Such tenure symbolized a solid company that had the interests of its employees at heart. Today, when I tell people about my father’s 40 years at IBM, they are astonished. In the twenty-first century, a long career with one company symbolizes the staying power of the individual.

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