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There is a simple act of empowerment American’s are taking in the seconds it takes to open a fuel cap. In that moment, the BioPerformance Fuel can be added to a tankful of gasoline or diesel yielding a cleaner, cooler and according to the many testimonials on the BioPerformance website, better mileage. Better mileage means one thing : saving money on gas.

This small company began promoting distribution in December 8th 2005. Today, March 10th , according to a company press release, claims over $9 million in sales , and paying out $5 million in commissions, and counting over 20,000 distributors. Making it the fastest growing MLM in the history of network marketing.

Why is this phenomenon happening? Two simple words : trust and faith. Trust and faith in something fundamental: your neighbor. Yes, the regular person across the street that of know. He might be out of work needing a few extra dollars, or it might be the mother that wants to stay home and raise her kid instead of working to barely be able to afford daycare.

Originally posted by Ty Tribble on March 15, 2006 in MLM Site.


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