Google Adsense Affiliate Program

While most Web surfers have no doubt seen countless sites with the usual Google-sponsored text ads, they are likely seeing more of a new program Google launched in November.

Figuring Your Real Hourly Rate

The place to start is you.

Is Your Understanding Of Network Marketing Outdated?

I knew things in our industry had changed, but I didn’t realize just HOW MUCH they had changed until recently.

Social Networking

There has been a virtual explosion of social networking sites in the past couple of years.

Success Starts With You

Network marketing is the same as any other business — to succeed you need a system, and more importantly you need to follow it!

Network Marketing Online: How to drive traffic to your business

How many of you decided to start an online network marketing business only to find out that by just having a website on the internet didn’t mean 1000′s of hungry buyers were flooding you with traffic?

Network Marketing Self Talk

Self-talk in network marketing is a powerful tool, which you can use to go from where you are now to where you want to be.

Apache Helicopter on eBay

Here’s one for all you flyboy conspiracy theorists – the chance to own your very own AH64A/D Longbow Apache chopper – in any colour you like as long as it’s black: You are bidding for a Pre-owned Mission Damaged AH64A/D Longbow Apache Helicopter in Civil Configuration Single Pilot I.F.R.with NVG’s FLIR equipped and Media Broadcasting Facilities.For sale due to failure to procure arrange type rating in African Congo for commercial pilots only.Supplied in camo colours to appear discreet when parked on a civil helipad.Manufactured by MDH now Boeing and fully supported with spares.Available at a BUY NOW price of 49,000,000.00 Pounds Sterling.

eBay plans service to make payments using cell phones

Paypal, the online payment service owned by eBay Inc., has begun testing a new offering that allows people to make and receive payments using cell phones and other mobile devices.

Husband Sells Unique Ad Space On Ebay

When Jeff and Rhonda Froelich wanted a creative way to raise capital for their autistic son, they decided to use their head.