Husband Sells Unique Ad Space On Ebay

First Coast News:

When Jeff and Rhonda Froelich wanted a creative way to raise capital for their autistic son, they decided to use their head.

Jeff’s head, actually.

“It’s shiny. It’s tan. It’s round. It’s perfect!” exclaimed Wife Rhonda.

It was her idea to auction off the space on the back of her husband’s bald head to be tattooed by a paying advertiser.

The price-tag to tag Jeff’s bean? — A cool $50,000.

Their inspiration came from all those other wacky sales on Ebay.

“$28,000 for a cheese sandwich,” said Jeff.

“Ok? — This is actually a functional thing ’cause you get advertising, I get into a truck, I go cross-country.”

Spreading the advertiser’s message en route. Jeff says the money will go toward a big rig to continue to pay for the specialized care for his autistic son, Dillon.

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