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Doug and Simon Doug Hall, one half of the Brain Brew team, is now appearing in the ABC television series American Inventor. He recently sent me this email:

On Thursday I entered the world of Reality TV in the USA on American Inventor.

For ABC-TV American Inventor was a huge hit – the 2-hour special was #1 on Thursday night with the audience growing during each half hour.

For friends of Brain Brew Radio, the Eureka! Ranch and we’ve recorded a special unscripted, unedited, unplugged version of the Brain Brew Radio show featuring co-hosts Doug Hall and David Wecker. These weekly commentaries feature peeks behind the scenes, irreverent feedback from viewers that destroys Doug’s reputation and lots of laughs.

Week One Commentary: Brain Brew field producer Mark Twist joins Doug and David in lots of laughs at Doug’s expense.

  • Mark gives his opinion of Doug & David’s Reality TV debut
  • David reads Doug’s least favorite e-mails
  • Doug explains why he’s not “Simon” on American Inventor
  • Simon calls Doug “The Most Annoying Man in America.”
  • Doug reveals the real reason that Simon Cowell is so rude to him.

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