HOV mannequin sold on eBay


A makeshift mannequin that failed to fool police monitoring a high-occupancy-vehicle lane fetched $15,000 in an eBay auction, and the proceeds will go to charity, the buyer has announced.

Denver-based Video Professor bought the Styrofoam head, coat hanger and clothing stuffed with newspapers from HOV scofflaw Greg Pringle, 53, of Broomfield, Colo., said Brian Olson, a company spokesman.

As part of his sentence handed down earlier this month, Pringle agreed to donate any profits from a Web site — launched to free “Tillieâ€? after she was impounded by police — and the auction to the Alive At 25 driver safety awareness program.

“We’ve rescued Tillie from a life of crime, and we hope to rehabilitate her so she can be a contributing dummy to our society,â€? Olson said.

Pringle was fined $115 and ordered to hold a sign reading “HOV lane not for dummiesâ€? alongside U.S. 36 for four hours. He was pulled over and ticketed Jan. 26 for driving in the lane reserved for carpools, motorcycles, buses and hybrid vehicles.

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