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I recently listed a toy Mattel Winchester Saddle Rifle on eBay, and they interpreted it to be a real gun and pulled my listing and suspended me for one day.

I responded to their letter they sent me telling them it was not a real gun and asking them to please resolve this problem. I don’t want to be labeled as a gun runner or for selling real guns on eBay.

I sent letters and e-mail and was told there would be a response in 24 to 48 hours. There wasn’t.

I called eBay and was told that I had to wait for the e-mail. Maybe it would take 72 hours. I didn’t get an e-mail. They said that there was no way to contact this department except by e-mail and that the customer service department could not help me.

I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor said also there was nothing that she could do and there was nothing that could be done except wait on a response by e-mail.

I asked her if the CEO of the company knew how the people were being treated and asked why there was not anyway to contact her.

The supervisor responded: Could you imagine how many telephone calls she would get if she had a telephone access for people to call her with complaints?

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