Natural Selling:

Have you ever called a lead to find that from the moment they picked up the phone they sounded as though they were non business like, perhaps not too motivated or didn’t appear to be committed to doing much?

Did you then decide that they really weren’t worth spending any more time with and rapidly wound down the conversation?

If you have – Beware! Your initial judgments are probably losing you more money and opportunities than you would care to know!

I called someone the other day who fitted one of the above descriptions. Most would have written him off I suppose. However, I’m interested in what’s between the covers of the book not the cover itself.

A few more questions later and we hit the “heart” button! We discovered he was well versed in personal growth and started to talk about his need to change, and was really looking for something to get his teeth into.

Originally posted by Ty Tribble on April 4, 2006 in MLM Site.


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