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Let Us Help You Turn A Little Cartridge Into A Very Bright Future

Nearly 90% of cartridges sold in the U.S. come from the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like HP, Canon, Epson and Lexmark, whose margins on these products are enormous. Why do so many people knowingly spend as much as two and a half times more to buy OEM cartridges than remanufactured cartridges? The answer is simple: QUALITY. Until Caboodle Cartridge came on the scene, customers just didn’t have any option except to pay high OEM prices, if they wanted consistent high quality.

We remanufacture nearly 600 different cartridges. We use only the finest inks and toners. We replace five critical parts in each laserjet cartridge we remanufacture. We use the latest in cleaning and automated refilling methods, some of which are strictly proprietary. And we test for top quality, again and again, throughout our process. The result is OEM-like quality at about half the price. And all of this is done at our centralized remanufacturing facilities, so you don’t have to give quality a second thought!

Better System

Because you don’t have to have to worry about refilling cartridges, you can focus on building your successful business. You can have a smaller, less expensive store. You can have about half as many employees. You can serve your customers, without making them wait. You can follow our step-by-step marketing program that will lead you day-by-day from pre-opening through your first year of operation, as you develop both end user and commercial customers. And you can respond to those commercial customers no matter how big or demanding they might be.

It would help if you have some experience running your own business in the past, but this is not a requirement. We will teach you everything and help setup your Caboodle Store.

Better for the Environment

Remanufacturing cartridges not only saves customers money by refilling their empties, but also helps to protect the environment. 375 million gallons of oil are consumed every year to produce new printer ink cartridges and each laser cartridge requires over three quarts of oil to make. Discarding cartridges can be as debilitating to the environment as producing them. It can take cartridges up to 260 years to biodegrade, a real problem since eighteen printer cartridges are emptied every second.

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