Cooking up a New Biz While in Between Jobs

Startup Journal:

She’d left New York to pursue a career in nutrition advocacy in her hometown of San Francisco. She thought holding cooking classes in her home would be a fun way to earn extra money as she mapped out her next career move.

The Friday before Labor Day 2004, she posted a listing on for cooking classes and left for the weekend. When she returned, her ad had drawn dozens more responses than expected. She set to work on a menu and a class schedule, and First Class Cooking was born.

Despite the initial response, there were times that first month when she sometimes struggled to fill a class. “I would call up friends and ask them to attend,” she says. “Even if I wasn’t making any money on the class, it was better to have the class than not to.”

That problem didn’t last long. Through word of mouth, her classes soon were full, she says. Even so, Ms. Dellas says, until recently she assumed she would get a “real job” eventually.

“I just thought I would keep doing it on the side to supplement my income,” Ms. Dellas says.

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