Networking Can Help Medical Billers

Wall Street Journal:

Small start-up medical-billing services like yours often have trouble getting doctors to take them seriously, and here’s why: Health-care billing, as you know, is an extremely complex task with government regulations and compliance rules that constantly change. Even small billing errors can lead to health-care providers being underpaid, or government audits and hefty fines — things most doctors aren’t willing to risk.

It doesn’t help that work-at-home schemes involving medical-billing training courses have surfaced in recent years, brushing a bad reputation on the industry.

So health-care providers looking to outsource their billing often gravitate toward more-established services referred to them by others. About a third of all physicians use an outside-billing service, says Brad Lund, executive director of the Healthcare Billing and Management Association, a trade group.

The uphill battle is proving your service is reliable and that you stay abreast of the ever-mounting regulations and compliance rules.

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