Referral Based Marketing


Heard of referral-based marketing? No, how about blogging? Same thing. You sign up, then you recruit people to subcribe to your point of view, who hopefully tell other people about it and pretty soon you have a BILLION readers!

The more clever bloggers, of course, incorporate links to services or products that their loyal downlin– er, I mean, subscriber base can purchase– these are done via what’s called affilliate programs— a contractual agreement between a referrer and a supplier in which the supplier agrees to pay the referrer a set compensation for purchases from the referrer’s subscriber base, who are identified via an ID number or code.

Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many other respectable businesses employ this method. Other bloggers register with an advertising service, such as BlogAds or Google Adsense, wherein the same principle applies– the referrer drives the traffic of his/her blog subscriber base to the advertisements of various products and services and is paid a set compensation for the click-through rate, by the 3rd party agency (like BlogAds).

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