Word of Mouth Marketing Conference

MLM Blog:

I have secured (thanks to Michael Rubin of Womma) a discount for MLM Blog Readers that would like to attend this upcoming conference on Word of Mouth Marketing.

Word of Mouth Basic Training 2 is coming to the Hilton in San Francisco, June 20th-21st.

Topics will include: WOM, Buzz, Viral and Blog Marketing.

Presented by WOMMA, Word of Mouth Marketing Association

What you will learn:

  • Learn from real case studies and how-to lessons.
  • Meet the world’s leading word of mouth experts.
  • Master the core skills to succeed with word of mouth.
  • Discover how to implement word of mouth at your company.
  • Network like crazy at the biggest word of mouth conference ever.
  • Understand critical issues around ethics and honesty.
  • Measure and track the ROI of word of mouth.
  • Enjoy an official WOMMA event, the association that brings together the amazing people who are building this fantastic industry.

Register. To receive your discount use code: “wommalovesty”

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