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I had so many favorites saved on eBay that I wasn’t allowed to add any more. Here’s a few new for you so that I can start looking for others.

Starstruck Vintage

ebay seller white sunglasses blue beret dress
Apparel, shoes and accessories starting at low prices.

The Olive Shoppe

ebay seller vintage dresses
Lots of beautiful dresses starting low, but selling quite high. If you find the dress of your dreams it might still be worth it though.


ebay seller vintage dresses
Mostly dresses starting at low prices.


ebay seller belts clutches purses quilted
This is one of those I should have kept secret. This seller sells a lot of cool accessories by the lot at very low prices, many of which you can buy right away. Grab that lot of quited purses for $10. I would have if it wasn’t for that I already have three.

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