Police Break Up eBay Stolen Bicycle Ring

(CBS 11 News) DALLAS A Dallas man is headed to prison after stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sporting goods and selling them on eBay.

Prosecutors say the man and a Dallas woman stole bikes and other goods across the country.

Police finally caught up with them after pursuing them on eBay.

Thieves took the owner of a local ‘Bicycles Plus Store’ for a ride.

Store owner Marsha Gorczyca says they stole five pricey bikes. “I was in shock actually, that they could come in here and within an eight minute period make way with $16,000 worth of bicycles.”

After casing the store to find the bicycles they wanted, the thieves went inside the dressing room and hid there until the store closed. They then took the bicycles and escaped through the back door of the store.

‘Bicycles Plus’ wasn’t alone. “Wheels in Motion’, in Richardson, had $80,000 worth of bikes stolen, and “International Scuba’, in Carrollton, had $45,000 worth of merchandise stolen.

Federal prosecutors say Corey Paris pleaded guilty to stealing the bikes, and the other sporting goods, then selling them on eBay.

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