When It’s Time Leave the (Home) Office


We’ve all heard the story — a regular guy works at a Wall Street firm studying market trends. He sees a trend that no one else has spotted and begins to daydream about starting his own business. He decides to take the leap. He packs up his stuff and quits his job.

Later, the Wall Street worker sets up a home office in his two-bedroom house feeling free at last.. He runs extension cords out to the garage to operate his computers and uses doors from Home Depot as desks. He brings his wife into the business and hits his folks up for a sizable investment.

Life is pretty chaotic, but it soon pays off. A month later, this guy is selling product in all 50 states and 45 countries. Two months later, he’s bringing in $20,000 a week in revenue.

Photo by Christian Heindel.

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