Are You Cut Out to Be a Consultant?

Startup Journal:

Now’s a good time to jump into self-employment as an independent consultant — at least for some professions.

In the continuing effort to comply with laws such as Sarbanes-Oxley and the health-privacy act known as HIPAA, companies increasingly turn to independent contractors. Plus, companies now see independent pros as a way to fill in talent gaps in their own organizations.

Some companies hire a consultant to get a project off the ground, and then turn over the project’s maintenance to in-house employees.

Companies are “buying talent for special projects,” says Robert Morgan, chief operating officer of Hudson Talent Management, a unit of Hudson Highland Group, a recruiting and consulting firm in New York.

Mr. Morgan, who is based in Chicago, says: “We’ve seen a growth in independent professionals… in finance and accounting, in legal, in human resources.”

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