Making $30,000 with a million dollar opportunity

Michael Lemm directs us to this from Tony Rush: 

Two people are in the same company, market the same product and use the same pay plan. They run the same ads, use the same script, use the same presentation and the same support system. How, then, can you explain that one of them is earning a large income and the other one can’t break even?

The answer is very simple but most people never consider it. It’s simply this: you can never out-earn your own mindset

I agree that you should spend your time modeling your activities after people who are getting results. No question about it. The simplest way to reach your goal is to find someone who’s done it and emulate their activities.

But it’s not enough.

Because, ultimately, the factor that determines the amount of success you will have is your own mindset. For example, if someone has a $30,000 mindset and you give them a million dollar business opportunity…..

…well, they’ll just take the million-dollar business opportunity and go make $30,000 with it.

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