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Both startups and well established businesses have one thing in common, they all use labels. Labeling your CDs, mailings, inventory and filing is a day to day activity in most offices. Plus, we all know that a direct mail marketing campaign can be expensive enough without having to purchase brand name labels, like Avery or Maco, for you laser and inkjet printers. is a manufacturer of blank laser and inkjet labels. They will ship the labels to you, direct from their factory for considerably less than you are paying now. With convenient online ordering and prompt delivery, their average order costs up to 45% less than retail! They have CD, address, VHS tape, mailing and many other types and sizes of labels in a variety of colors and materials, including matte, white, full color, glossy, and foil.

An Avery Labels cross reference chart is available on their website for a quick reference to the popular label templates found in MS Word and other label software programs. also offers free downloadable label templates for MS Word and in OpenDocument format for OpenOffice.

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