Seasilver New Branding to Utilize the Web

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 Seasilver USA, Inc., located in Carlsbad, California, has launched a new product branding initiative and graphic imaging program for use by the company’s distributors. Seasilver USA’s flagship dietary supplement product, Seasilver(R) is featured in multiple new banner ads which will be made available to distributors and marketers for use in online marketing programs and on distributor web sites.

The new branding initiative is in keeping with trends within the nutritional industry to utilize the world wide web as a key product branding and consumer information resource.

The banners have all been designed to conform with the size recommendations of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and are being made available to distributors in multiple versions with different graphic imagery and consumer appeals and offers. In addition, in keeping with the best practices of the direct response marketing industry, each banner will be made available to distributors with individual tracking codes for the purposes of measuring performance and marketing efficiency.

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