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A while back, I did a post where the issue of sales tax was brought up. There seems to be some controversy over this point, so I figured we might clear it up.

First, all this can be found on the Quixtar site if you have a password. What follows are a few things from the 26 page [PDF file] from Quixtar.

In summary, an IBO is charged sales tax on the retail price on products for the region you are in. If you sell an item to another tax jurisdiction, you are required to collect all the differing sales tax and send it to Quixtar with a Tax Adjustment form.

If you use an item yourself, you have the must fill out the form and get your difference back.


Xan & BB

Take a chill pill. Do you think a committed, core, IBO would say “with all of the things that suck with this business” Maybe I should have said as a “former founders ruby”. See not only did I found out filling the sales tax didn’t pay minimum wage, being a Founders Ruby, putting 75K miles/year on a car, going to all the “required functions”, being required to “purchace” tickets to a function only to be slave labor for the diamonds for three days, having your upline start a new tool business that rendered your extra tools obsolete and worthless, going from debt free and my wife at home when I started the business to 50K in credit card debt and my wife working, also paid less than minimum wages.

But wait, aren’t those some of the things that suck about the business, and should make people run for the hills when someone says, “Hey, you look like a sharp person, I’m looking to expand my internet business in this area, and I need a couple of sharp, go-getters like you to expand the territory…” Not because they might have to fill out some freekin sales tax form.

Originally posted by Ty Tribble on June 29, 2006 in MLM Site.


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