Alaska Sells School on eBay

 Reuters UK

Local officials in the rural Alaskan town of King Cove have put an old school up for sale on eBay, saying they hope to raise $1.8 million (985,000 pounds).

The Aleutians East Borough has put the school in the southwestern Alaska coastal village of 725 people up for sale on the online auction house eBay, hoping a new owner can take advantage of the 43,000-square-foot (3,995-sq-metre) building’s location on the waterfront in the midst of Alaska’s biggest commercial seafood harvests, officials said.

“We have salmon, halibut, cod, crab, pollock, sablefish that’s right outside the front door of the school,” said borough spokeswoman Karen Montoya.

The borough hopes to raise $1.8 million by selling off the school, although the eBay listing cites a starting bid of $400,000, Borough Administrator Bob Juettner said.



A new school, located in a less industrialised area of the village, is almost ready for King Cove’s 100 or so students, he said.

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