I’ve Been SEO Reviewed

Gab Goldberg did a site SEO review of the Business Opportunities Weblog:

B+: Dane’s obviously got a lock on his top keyphrase, but he could do much better and move to dominate other phrases. Look up ‘Small Business Opportunities’ on Google, and B-O.biz isn’t even top 10! Home business opportunities: Neither, though he is #12 for both (I doubt #12 gets much traffic in such a competitive market, though). That said, Dane is number one on Google for Business Opportunities. He’s number 2 on Yahoo behnd the Small Business Administration and some sponsored links. Overall, the strategy is very strong, but the content could really be improved…

While the results are a bit harsh — only a B+ — I recognize that consultants stay in business by finding and helping you fix problems. If you need someone to help with your SEO, Gab might be the SEO specialist for you!

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