What Every First Time Inventor Must Know


Inventors’ Digest:

In honor of August being National Inventors’ Month, Inventors’ Digest magazine will unveil a compilation of its best and brightest articles from the past two decades, providing the first downloadable volume free of charge now and throughout August, to help novice inventors move from idea to product development success. The 20 volume series contains more than 200 articles.

“Knowing what NOT to do is probably more important than knowing what to do,” says Joanne Hayes-Rines, publisher of Inventors’ Digest. “I’ve met thousands of people who had what could have been a great idea, but they did everything wrong, burning through money and time. Their idea was doomed before it ever had a chance. We’ve brought together our best tips and advice from the last two decades to help inventors avoid these pitfalls.”

Inventing 101: What Every First Time Inventor MUST Know, is the first of a 20 volume series of the Best of Inventors’ Digest, and it is available for free.

The first volume outlines how inventors can find trustworthy companies and individuals to help guide them from invention to market, how to determine if an idea has market potential, and how to spot a scam company. “We know that a lot of people have, unfortunately, lost money with fraudulent invention marketing companies,” says Hayes-Rines. “So we are offering a bonus article that explains what they can do to get their money back.”

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