Sharing Music Meets MLM – Weed

Since many of us are already downloading and sharing music as a way of life, it’s the perfect time to monetize the process. Enter Weed.

With Weed, you can download and listen to songs up to three times (they’re using DRM for rights management), at which point you have to buy them to get rights for unlimited play/burning. Song prices are usually around $1 dollar.

Most of the music is from Indie artists, but Heart, Chuck D and others are using Weed, too.

The fun part is, you can freely share these songs and when someone else buys them, you get a %20 percent commission. Beyond that, when someone buys a song from you and then proceeds to sells it to someone else, you get a further 10%. If that person sells it, you get 5% percent. They’ve got a whole MLM thing going here. Pretty innovative, really.

Finding The Money: Earn Money By Sharing Music

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