eBay Sellers on Strike: Me Included

I am an eBay PowerSeller with over 15,000 positive transactions and I am currently on strike.  eBay will not get a dime from me in Septemeber.

It’s one out, all out in cyberspace. According to reports, disgruntled eBay sellers in the UK are on strike. The strikers are unhappy with charges introduced by the online auction giant to attract more buyers. And some of them have turned to Google for help.

Other unpopular changes have seen the online auction house reduce the visibility of its ‘Shops’ listings. To date, such listings have allowed users to open an online shop, displaying a range of wares on a single page.

Some of the striking salespeople have pleaded with Google to set up an online auction house. It seems that the big G retains its ‘do no evil’ cachet, despite its vast size and recent unpopular adventures in China.

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