Downselling As a Strategy to Turn Prospects to Customers

If you are selling premium items, one way to increase your market reach and customer base may be to downsell.

EBay Still Creating New Look & Redesign

EBay plans later this month to begin testing a redesign of its search results pages that will contain more information for each listed item and will sport a new look and layout.The online marketplace hopes the changes will enhance the shopping experience for buyers, wrote Nico Posner, a senior product manager, in an official announcement posted Tuesday on eBay’s website.Specifically, search results will be bigger and price information will be highlighted with larger type and a new color.


Skype To Gradually Wipe Out Traditional Phone Business

LIKE most people doing important jobs in Estonia, Sten Tamkivi is alarmingly young.


EBay Stores Just Keep Closing

You can open an online store for a few dollars.

EBay is Getting an Earful

EBay has been stirring things up on blog sites around the world with its recent fee increases and business plan alterations.


Franchise Of The Future – Camp Bow Wow

Doggie day care is the business plan for Camp Bow Wow.


The Web 2.0 Exit Strategy: Sell It on Ebay

Kiko, an online calendar application incubated by Y Combinator, is up for sale on eBay.


Why A Pet Franchise?

Each year Americans spend millions of dollars on their pets.


This Very Young Entrepreneur Is Now in the Pink

I haven’t met an entrepreneur yet who coasted through childhood and teen-age years without a job mowing lawns, shoveling snow or babysitting.


Nail Salon Franchises

With so many women now willing to spend money on their nails, and many more looking for new, creative ways to make their hands stand out from the crowd, investing in a nail salon franchise could be a great opportunity for someone eager to get into the beauty industry.