College Niche Biz: Custom Shot Glasses

Chris Pund at Dorm Room Biz:

For those of you who may not be aware, the shot glass market is huge in college towns and to students in general. The idea of selling customized shot glasses came to me a while ago and I have indeed given it a test.

We have been selling our shot glasses to our friends for either $4 or $5. When paying only about 95 cents each including the printing and shipping, we are making at least $3 off of each shot glass. The mark up of shot glasses is amazing!

When you visit your campus bookstore, your local greek shop, or even national franchise restaurants (such as Hard Rock Caf̩), shot glasses sell for between $5.99 Р$7.99. So being able to under cut the competition in the price and offer a customized product is a huge benefit to you.

We stand to make a nice little profit from this side venture.

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