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Sophie & Sophie is a Dutch wine for women. Actually, it’s not quite wine, but a wine ‘refresher’ made from wine (51%), dealcoholized wine (31%), and grape must (18%). Must is the juice of freshly pressed grapes, before it’s fermented into wine.

Which leaves a drink that tastes like semi-dry wine, but only contains 5.5% alcohol, and half the amount of calories in real wine. Sophie & Sophie was created by Natural Wines, a wine merchant that specializes in natural products with a low alcohol percentage.

The company’s founder discovered that his three twenty-something daughters were drinking nothing but Bacardi Breezers and hard liquor on their nights out, and decided that they needed a wine alternative.

He teamed up with an ad agency and they came up with Sophie & Sophie. The beverage is aimed at female consumers between 18-30 years old who’d like a change from sweet mixed drinks.

The wine is sold in stylish little bottles, a new business concept that’s long overdue, containing enough ‘wine’ for two glasses.

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