Junk Boys Find Niche In Home Cleanup

Wichita Eagle:

Nick Naparstek needed to get rid of some household junk that was too big to move on his own, but he couldn’t find a service that suited his needs.

So he started a business called Junk Boys. It’s a full-service junk removal company that will come into a home and remove items from basements, attics or garages and then clean up after the removal.

Naparstek said he deals mostly with furniture, household junk, brush and remodeling debris. But he can remove practically anything that will fit in his truck.

He said he tries to donate or recycle the unwanted items whenever possible.

Naparstek said that what sets Junk Boys apart from similar services is that his employees wear uniforms, drive clean trucks and use professional processes.

He said that if the service continues to grow, he wants to add more trucks and employees and eventually franchise the business.

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