Productivity High, Clothing Low When Working From Home

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SonicWALL, a leading provider of integrated network security and productivity solutions, got very interesting results on a survey they did recently on those working from home.

The study focused on out-of-office workers, not home business entrepreneurs, but it gives a sneak peak at what home based workers are doing.

Here are some interesting results from the study:

* 39% of respondents of both sexes said they wear sweats while working from home, 12% of males and 7% of females wear nothing at all (???)

* 44% of women surveyed said they showered on work-at-home days, as opposed to men, who were slightly more likely to shave (33%) than wash (30%).

* 18% of men regularly break off to do household tasks such as laundry, dishwashing or dusting whereas many more women — over 38% — found their attention claimed by chores.

* 35% took the opportunity to eat and drink outside standard times; listen to music (45%) or watch TV (28%); and 21% of all respondents admitted to sneaking in an afternoon nap.

Photo by sprbert.

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