The other day I was in the middle of a recruiting sandwich. I was on a three way call with my upline and a super star in my downline-or as us more savvy direct sellers call it: my success line.

You know how the next part of this story goes. It is the last day of the month and if my downline person promotes, I promote. My super star did not need one or two or three new consultants, she needed four! Four TODAY with paperwork, with initial orders, with payment.

The three of us made an agreement. We would all get off our three-way call and begin to make calls separately to see if we could add any new recruits in the next 60 minutes. In one hour we would talk again and see if we had any success.I found myself in an amazing place. I wanted to come through for my downline and I wanted to show my upline that I was doing everything I could to help my leaders and build my team. I was also clear I was not just looking for names and social security numbers I was looking for women who did in fact want to grow a business.

I pulled up my prospect list with a kind of definiteness of purpose I had never experienced before. I reminded myself to speak with certainty, positivity and enthusiasm. This time though I was adding a very important additional component- urgency.

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Originally posted by Ty Tribble on September 5, 2006 in MLM Site.


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