Network Marketing Success For Women

For all the women out there who dream of a better life, more money, household help, relief from the pressures of trying to be a good parent, while holding down a job or two, equal opportunity with or without formal degrees or credentials, for those who dream of having incredible personal self confidence instead of low self esteem — this one’s for you.In 1982, I, too, was struggling with two jobs and a household to run; I was also a schoolteacher.

My idea of extravagance was going on one “niceâ€? hotel vacation a year, and I always hoped that we would pick a good hotel, etc., so it would be really worth all the sacrifices that it was costing. I almost never got a massage or pedicure. After justifying the expenditure, I bought a half day of household help per week during the school year. I did my own laundry, grocery shopping, landscaping, and pool service. I had, by most average American standards, a “niceâ€? home and a livable lifestyle, but it was NOT the lifestyle of the rich and famous. That was until Network Marketing created so much wealth for us that our only recourse was to spend it.

For Women Only: A Woman’s Guide to Success on Command

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