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Twenty year-old Andrew Cargill decided to bring the latest Japanese craze to his home country. PetPlant is the latest craze to hit the UK. Fresh from the Orient, these miniture bonsai marvels are absolutely “alive and beautiful.”

The concept of Pocket Plant is to be able to have a mini pet plant that you can take with you anywhere you go. Nice and simple.

The idea all came about last when out of pure curiosity searching for the latest crazes over in Japan. Cargill discovered a few articles about ‘Pocket Plants’, and just thought they were simply amazing, real living, breathing plants on the end of a key-ring.

PetPlant is a fashionable kit for your phone or key ring and are lots of fun to grow. Once grown (3-6 months) they can be easily transplanted to a larger pot for your home or garden or even present them to your loved ones when they have grown up and are ready for a bigger pot.

There are 8 different PetPlant species to adopt. Each PetPlant has their own unique beauty and characteristics.

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