Candy Bar Promo Turned to Profit On eBay

he Hanso Foundation can’t be happy about the latest craze on eBay.Apollo Candy Bars are showing up on the Internet auction site, and being snapped up for anywhere between $10 and $60. The bars, seen on “Lost” being eaten by the plane crash survivors and being dropped in mysterious food shipments, are being given out at events nationwide.
The promotion is part of ABC’s “Inside the Experience,” a Web-based world in which participants investigate the shadowy Hanso Foundation and its founder, Alvar Hanso. A mysterious character, Persephone, periodically releases information about the foundation, giving “Lost” fans further pieces of the puzzle.

Those lucky enough to get their hands on a bar are instructed to take a picture of themselves holding the wrapper and upload it to a “Lost Experience” site. – Food News – ‘Lost’ Candy Bars Make Waves On eBay

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