eBay Ads Bigger and Better with Yahoo

The major advertising and cross platform partnership between eBay and Yahoo is starting to solidify beyond testing of Yahoo Sponsored Search advertisements in eBay results to more targeted eBay channel advertisements and larger ads in eBay search results.

Starting today Yahoo graphic (or display) banner ads will be shown in eBay Motors. The new Yahoo ads are to be shown on the right side of the eBay Motors ‘home page’ and the ads which are shown in eBay search results are set to be increased.

Yahoo and eBay signed an exclusive US partnership earlier in the year which resulted in the agreement to serve Yahoo advertising throughout the eBay auction & marketplace network while on the flipside, Yahoo will begin integrating eBay’s PayPal into its online web services as a preferred payment option.

Search Engine Journal » Yahoo Advertising Expands on eBay

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