Drill, Drill, Drill to Overcome MLM Fear

Prior to becoming involved in network marketing, I was a member of the U.S. Navy’s Underwater Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team (the Navy’s bomb squad). I learned many great lessons there that helped me with my MLM business years later, one of which was overcoming fear.

In the Navy, what allowed people to overcome their fear of defusing bombs under water was simple: drill, drill, drill – and when you’re sick of drilling, drill some more. Overcoming fear did not mean read, read and when you’re sick of reading, read some more; that doesn’t make someone skilled at defusing bombs. By the way, drill means repetitiously going over something to learn it well.

It’s the same with getting appointments so you can share either the MLM business opportunity or your products with someone. Not that reading and learning the way bombs go “boom” and phones go “ring-ring” isn’t important, it is. Reading or studying is only one part of knowing something and getting effective at it.

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