You Can Get an Idea to Market Without an Invention Submission Firm

Roger Brown at American Inventor Spot:

One of the questions I am constantly asked is how I got my inventions to market and how much did it cost me.

They are extremely surprised when I tell them it cost me less than $100 and I did it without the aid of the rip-off Invention Submission Firms.

There is a growing list of companies that Inventors can approach themselves without having to go through an Invention Submission Firm. You don’t have to have a patent and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get your idea in front of them.

I actively looked online for companies that list that they look at outside ideas from Inventors. I also go into stores looking for contact information on products so that I can contact that company. You would be surprised how many are open to reviewing ideas without a patent, but don’t advertise it.

The companies that licensed my ideas all paid for the patent out of their pocket, not mine, in order to protect their investment. I get a royalty based on the sales of each item.

Inventors are very creative people, but for some reason they don’t use that same creativity to find companies waiting for ideas.

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