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Yesterday, Intuit announced the launch of QuickBooks 2007, bringing to market the latest enhancements to QuickBooks’ renowned simplicity. The new line of products and services focuses on what matters most to small businesses: making everyday tasks even easier to accomplish, while adding deeper functionality for specialized and growing businesses. With more than 25 products and services going beyond core accounting, Intuit offers small businesses owners the right solutions to help them prosper and thrive.

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Easy Does It! Intuit Announces QuickBooks 2007

New Features and Integrated Services Solve Small Businesses’ Most Important Problems

Sept. 25, 2006 — Intuit Inc. today announced the availability of QuickBooks® 2007. The new line of products and services focuses on what matters most to small businesses: making day-to-day tasks even easier to complete, while adding deeper functionality for specialized and growing businesses.

QuickBooks 2007 includes powerful new tools and services that help small businesses succeed in activities beyond accounting. For the first time, Intuit is offering customers integrated tools to market their business and attract new customers, as well as new services that extend QuickBooks’ functionality — from accepting credit cards to managing timesheets and running payroll. Combined, these create a strong ecosystem of distinctive solutions to help existing and new-to-the-world businesses be successful.

“No one serves small business and accountants better than Intuit,â€? said Brad Smith, senior vice president of Intuit’s Small Business Division. “For nearly 15 years we have remained laser-focused on ease, continuously improving the market-leading small business management platform. At the same time, we have developed a powerful mix of integrated services that our customers asked us for to help better connect them with their customers, vendors, partners and employees.â€?

Solutions Beyond Accounting

QuickBooks now offers more than 25 products and services that go beyond core accounting functionality. From QuickBooks Merchant Service for Web Stores to Intuit Small Business Payroll services, customers can leverage their existing QuickBooks data to better manage and market their companies. QuickBooks also offers easy solutions to process payments, such as the QuickBooks Credit Card Processing Kit and the new QuickBooks Time Tracker to easily collect and manage employee timesheets on the Web.

The latest addition to Intuit’s comprehensive small business ecosystem is a series of popular marketing tools from Google. The new integrated online tools include Google Mapsâ„¢, Google AdWordsâ„¢ and the QuickBooks Product Listing Service, designed to solve another critical small business concern — attracting new customers online.

Customers can also easily find more than 400 add-on applications that solve specific needs from sales force automation to eBay integration through the QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace (www.marketplace.intuit.com).

“Small businesses are increasingly interested in moving from piecemeal solutions to more integrated approaches to company operations,â€? said Merle Sandler, senior research analyst at IDC. “But this can be tricky, because small firms also want resources that can support company growth, but not be too expensive or difficult to use. With that in mind, Intuit’s strategy of extending beyond basic accounting to build a valuable network of available capabilities will resonate with both small businesses and the accountants that serve them.â€?

Focusing on What Matters Most — Ease

QuickBooks 2007 features numerous enhancements that simplify users’ most frequent activities, helping the approximate 3.7 million small businesses using the software be more efficient:

  • Easier Setup: To help new users set up their income and expense accounts more accurately, QuickBooks 2007 features a simplified recommended Chart of Accounts. The new version offers users the 30 most commonly-used accounts for their business type — reducing the likelihood of incorrectly categorizing expenses down the road. Optional accounts to suit specific business needs can easily be added.
  • Easier Payroll: The nearly 1 million businesses that use Intuit Small Business Payroll Services can now easily run payroll for all their employees at once, rather than one at a time. A new dashboard clearly displays the impact of payroll across the business, showing in one clear view what the company needs to pay employees and the government, and what forms they need to file. And, a new “review, confirm and submitâ€? process gives users the confidence their payroll is correct and ready to go.
  • Easy Data Sharing with Accountants: It is now easier than ever for accountants to make changes to their clients’ company files, while the business owner continues to work on their day-to-day business transactions without interruption. Previously, if a company needed to send files to an accountant, the business would have to stop entering data into QuickBooks to ensure version control. While the files were with the accountant, the business could not process financial information, including invoices, bills or payroll. With the new Dividing Date functionality, QuickBooks allows accountants to edit and review all information before a specified date, while giving the company the freedom to continue business as usual. When the accountant is done with the adjustment, the business owner can quickly review and import those changes directly into QuickBooks.
  • Easier Customization: Small businesses rely on forms to communicate with customers, suppliers and partners. On average, a small business uses 168 forms per month, including invoices, letters and purchase orders. With QuickBooks 2007 small businesses no longer have to print their customized document, walk to the printer and look at the hard copy to see if the form meets their needs. New for this year, QuickBooks includes an auto-preview feature that makes it easy to customize forms with color schemes, logos and more, while showing users their changes as they are made. The software also consolidates the most commonly-used customization options all on one screen.
  • Enhanced Features for Product-based Businesses: Inventory management is critical to the success of product-based businesses, but in order to keep accurate record of total inventory, they must often convert products from one unit of measure to another. For example, a company that purchases a product by the case from a supplier may sell the same product by the individual bottle to its customers. Available in select QuickBooks 2007 offerings, the new Unit of Measure feature removes the hassle of manual conversion, and the risk of costly errors, by automatically calculating the conversion from one unit to another in the appropriate forms including invoices, purchase orders and inventory reports.
  • Online Time Tracking for Professional Services Firms: Businesses can now collect and manage employee and contractor timesheets on the Web with the new QuickBooks Time Tracker service, available by subscription. Freeing managers and employees from manually entering data into QuickBooks from hand-written timesheets, Time Tracker easily downloads data into QuickBooks saving hours of tedious work and reducing errors that can cause incorrect billing.
  • After-the-Fact Payroll: Approximately 28 percent of the 250,000 accountants who work with QuickBooks perform after-the-fact payroll services, entering payroll data from paychecks that clients have prepared themselves. To save accountants considerable time and effort, QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll for Accountants features a new After-the-Fact Payroll spreadsheet-style data entry tool that transforms this traditionally time-intensive task into a simple process.
  • Increased List Limits for Growing Businesses: Mid-market businesses using QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 7.0 now have the capability to add a hundred thousand or more inventory items, customers and vendors as they grow — an increase of more than 400 percent.
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QuickBooks 2007 products are currently available direct from Intuit at www.quickbooks.com and will be available starting on October 11, 2006 at Amazon.com.

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