Messages That Go ‘POOF’

Associated Press:

A hallmark of “Mission: Impossible” was the message that would self-destruct after a spy played it.

Now a startup communications company promises that same level of secrecy with a Web-based messaging system designed to leave no traces.

Let’s say Alice wants to discuss something privately with Bob. Alice calls up a VaporStream Web page, which is encrypted by the same method that secures Internet commerce and banking. Then she selects Bob on her list of VaporStream chat partners.

That brings up a new window, where she can type a message. Neither her name nor Bob’s appears anywhere. The individual messages cannot be copied or pasted into other programs.

When she sends the message, it no longer is visible on her computer. It goes to a server maintained by VaporStream, where it sits in a sort of holding pattern in a temporary segment of the server’s memory.

When Bob checks his VaporStream Web page, he can see that he has a message from Alice and clicks to read it. When it is delivered, it leaves the VaporStream server for good.

Photo by hb19.

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