Edible Arrangements – A Different Spin On The Conventional Fruit Basket



Edible Arrangements started in East Haven in 1999 by brothers Kamran and Tariq Farid. The business now has 330 stores open across the country with more than 200 locations in the works. The business magazine Inc. recently ranked Edible Arrangements 4th on its annual list of the top 500 fastest growing companies.

The chain provides a clever twist on a classic gift idea – the fruit basket. The fruit baskets from Edible Arrangements look like floral arrangements – ‘daisies’ made of pineapple slices with melon ball centers; crinkle-cut honeydews that vaguely resemble greenery.

The Farid brothers got the idea for it after working a while in the floral industry. They decided to try something unique, but with a similar concept. Kamran Farid said he and his brother picked fruit as their medium because it’s universally appealing. Plus, this way customers can enjoy their ‘bouquets’ with both their eyes and taste buds.

‘It’s not only a product that looks beautiful, but it tastes great, too,’ Farid said.

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