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Ever wonder how an IPF works to scam inventors from their hard earned money and their dreams? Here’s an inside view from American Inventor Spot on how it’s done:

Most inventors do not know that once the USPTO grants and issues the inventor his/her patent, the information about his/her patent becomes public. It is vital that the USPTO make patents available to the public to enable other inventors and researchers to do patent searches. Otherwise, inventors risk unknowingly infringing on existing patents. Regrettably, there are many businesses who are not utilizing the USPTO library, publications and its website for legitimate business practices.

Unfortunately, once a patent is made public, the unknowing inventor is vulnerable and his/her name, address and patent number is exposed for the world to see. This is where the unscrupulous IPF typically swoops in.

When an inventor receives an envelope filled with a glossy brochure from an IPF, the unknowing inventor is usually excited that an actual company out there is interested in his or her idea! The inventor believes he/she is closer than ever to seeing their product get a manufacturer and to market. In the marketing materials sent to inventors, inventors are led to believe that a committee hand chose their invention and this is why they have received this envelope – the materials urge them to “act now and make millions of dollars”. The inventor does not realize that there is no committee and that the IPF does not even examine the patent’s abstract, description or claims to see if the concept in the patent can even be executed.

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