eBay & Google Click To Call Test Prgressing on Schedule


The blogosphere lit up with speculation this past weekend over a
post that supposedly appeared on the Official Google Blog that said
Google was bowing out of click-to-call. Google had entered into a
multi-year agreement with eBay in August involving text-based
advertising and “click-to-call” advertising functionality.

Google has become the exclusive text-based advertising provider for
eBay outside the United States, and eBay has a similar arrangement with
Yahoo in the United States .

WebProNews first wrote about the rumor in an article published on Saturday . And on Sunday, it revealed that while the post did appear on the Google blog, it was in fact a hoax .

John Battelle of SearchBlog.com wrote on Sunday, “Is Google Axing
Click to Call? Nope, But Whoever Runs Blog Security Might Have His Head
On The Block…” .

In dispelling the rumor, Google disclosed that the click-to-call
test “is progressing on schedule,” and Google is “pleased with the
results thus far”

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