NFL And College Football Equals Big-Time Sales

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I love football. And I’m a sucker for products advertised during the games. Shoot, against my girlfriend’s request, I wear Brut After Shave. In 1998, I was attracted to the green bottle smell-good because Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman and his attractive girlfriend said I should wear the stuff. I just happen to like the way Brut feels against my skin, too. But that’s beside my point.

According to a 2004 ESPN poll, 68 percent of Americans are NFL fans. And the fanatics, like me, will patronize your restaurant if you target them. Just ask Buffalo Wild Wings, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Checkers Drive-In, Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Penn Station East Coast Subs, Subway, Quiznos Sub, Firehouse Subs, Taco Bell, Inta Juice and Wingstop. All of these brands have hired football player spokespersons or have developed unique marketing campaigns to draw the pigskin-loving crowd.

For the pizza and wings-based brands, it makes business sense to appeal to football lovers. After all, football season sales account for almost half of their business and Super Bowl Sunday is by far their busiest day of the year.

But who would have thought that a juice company – Inta Juice – would use Oakland Raiders’ Randy Moss to build its brand? Not me, that’s for sure.

In March, Moss signed a franchise agreement with the chain.

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