Calorie-Counted Meal Delivery Service

Mumbai rivals the pace of the fastest cities around the globe. And just like everywhere else, junk food is an easy and popular meal option. To the rescue comes Calorie Care, which delivers healthy food to a customer’s door. Calorie Care is India’s first calorie-counted meal delivery service, and their mission is to make it easy, convenient and fun for Mumbaikars to eat healthy food.

Calorie Care sets itself apart from other delivery restaurants by creating individual menus for each customer. Upon first contact, a Calorie Care nutritionist spends an hour with a client to understand his or her health needs and taste preferences. The nutritionist team then designs a personalised food plan that caters to these needs and preferences.

From their personal menus, customers can choose six daily meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and three mid-meal snacks. Meals are delivered at three separate times during the day, so that everything is fresh.

Photo by Calorie Care.

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