Pink Is the Strategy


Caffeine Marketing:

Often associated with baby girls, Barbie dolls, and metro-sexuals, the color pink has increasingly become a marketing strategy for businesses this month. Beginning in 1992, Estee Lauder gave out loops of pink ribbon to raise awareness of breast cancer. Since then, October has been marked the month of pink for marketers and breast cancer awareness.

Clearly, not every business can use the “pink as a business strategyâ€? for the month. Some business have and some should be releasing limited edition ‘pink’ versions of their products to help support the cause while introducing a new widget to the consumer. In addition, for a company not to carry a pink version of their product this month could be risky. I must say that the pink bandwagon ensures a great way to release press releases and gain respect in the mind of the consumer. At the same time, businesses must make it well known what they are doing with their increased sales from the pink widgets.

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