Using Paypal For E-Mail Marketing

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Many sellers come to the conclusion that they should be utilizing e-mail only to be faced with the fact that they haven’t kept accurate e-mail records or that the auction management system they use limits how far back in time records can be retrieved.

One solution for building a sizeable e-mail list of past customers is your PayPal history.

Here’s How:

  1. Click on the My Account tab.
  2. Click the History. subtab.
  3. Click the Download My History link.
  4. Choose the file type and date to download.
  5. Click Download History.
  6. Name your file and click Save to download it.

The download is available in comma delimited or tab delimited format and the exact fields can be further narrowed or expanded by clicking on the “Customize Download Fieldsâ€? box that appears next to the date range.

You can easily export just the e-mail fields into an e-mail manager.

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