Plastic Flamingos: An Endangered Species?

Entrepreneur Daily:

You make think they’re tacky. Or, you make think they’re fun. Either way, chances are you’ve seen or possibly even owned this piece of nostalgia–the plastic pink flamingo.

It’s been a front-lawn favorite for almost 50 years, but as of November 1, Massachusetts-based Union Products, the manufacturer of the flamingos is closing its doors due to increasing electricity and resin costs, in addition to a loss in financing.

The popular bird, born in 1957, would have celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2007. But this endangered species isn’t giving up just yet: The president of Union Products says he is searching for a new company to buy the molds, and three companies have already expressed interest.

Only time will tell if the pop culture icon will be saved or go the way of the dodo bird.

Editor note: If a new company does not take over production of the flamingos, the only place they will probably be available will be on eBay at an inflated price.

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