Brothers Start LEGO Gift Business

Love for an activity is the reason why Henry Herz helped his sons, Harrison, 4, and Joshua, 7, start up their own LEGO “gift” business, J&H LEGO Gifts. The two boys loved playing with LEGOS more than anything else, so their father decided to use that passion to teach them some very basic monetary and business lessons.

Henry Herz helped the boys launch a company that sells assembled LEGO toys, including boats, planes, cars, etc., for gifts and birthday party favors. So far the business has been successful, and keeps the boys busy doing what they already want to do.

On their Web site, Josh (clearly with help from dad) has written: “Pretty much any excuse for playing with LEGOS is good. Plus, our dad says running our own LEGO gift business will … teach us about responsibility, expose us to handling money, encourage charity and earn us some spare change to buy more LEGOS.”

Photo by J&H LEGO Gifts.

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